5 things you need for a full body detox

Spring is that time of the year, when the nature awakens. It is also known as the best time to start a slimming program and turn over the habits adopted during the winter and to prepare the body and the mind for the summer period that follows. 
There are a couple of methods for a full body and mind cleanse for the season. One of the most popular methods is the spring detox.


Why should you try detox?

At first you may think there is no reasonable argument, why you should start a detox program, since you may think your body and mind worked just fine during the winter. So why should they fail to do now?
During the winter many of us get comfortable, lazy, get used to unhealthy food habits, that lead to storing toxins in the body and cause health problems. Cleansing the body helps sort them out and with a bit of exercise and proper diet you’ll feel the benefits of detox in a short period of time. Detoxification stimulates the slimming and will effectively help with the weight loss. 

The detox method

The spring detox method combines a couple of routines in different fields, in order to cleanse, revitalize and boost your body. However, we all know the winter mood is hard to combat, so most of the time a person needs the right stimulation of the mind and motivation during the detox. For this you need a good detox guide and the right ingredients for detoxification of the body. You will boost your weight loss program naturally and will see the results in just a short period of time. 

Here are 5 things for spring detox from KART you can use to boost your body, mind and energy during your spring detox to stay on track with your goals:


1. Eau Florale de Verveine – Renowned for its vivifying and clarifying virtues, vervain has been proven effective against cellulite while firming the skin.

2. Sou Tsiane - The Detox – enhances the metabolism’s natural drainage function, thereby minimizing water retention which causes cellulite and eliminates toxins.

3. Lune Sylphide Huile de Massage – A combination of organic oils proven to fight against cellulite and water retention.

4. Fringal Aroma Roll – From our range of organic roll-ons, this essential oil reduces the feeling of hunger and makes it less unpleasant. Use 5-10 min before eating to achieve satiety more quickly.

5. Guide Minceur – A guide to using our Bio products to help you look slimmer.

This is the way you can successfully finish another slimming attempt and be fully satisfied with the results. After all, the whole spring detox process is about pushing the body into the right gear and it’s an open, energetic, enthusiastic feeling. If you haven’t gotten detoxed before, this could be the perfect time, and the perfect way to start feeling better fast.