Labels and certifying bodies.

Today, there are an ever-increasing number of labels assuring customers that cosmetics are natural or organic. Faced with this, it is not always easy to know which way to turn. Many people also confuse labels and certifying bodies, the latter’s sole role being to check that standards are su ciently high for a label to be awarded.


- Cosmébio, is the French label which is probably the most widely-known across Europe. This recognition is most certainly due to the fact that the majority of those involved in the production of organic cosmetics are located in France. It is also the label with the highest standards.

It has two logos which correspond to two different types of requirement: -> NAT and BIO labels. 


- BDIH (Bundesverband Deutscher Industrie Handelsunternehmen), est le label Allemand. Il est également très reconnu mais certifie uniquement la cosmétique dite “Naturelle”. Il impose l’utilisation de produits uniquement d’origines naturelles et en limite strictement la liste.

The label operates based solely on de ned guidelines. There are no percentages to score; it is just necessary to comply with all the elements listed. BDIH is very strict about levels of preservatives and surfactants. 


- Nature et progrès, A quality label incorporating very strict terms of reference but, as yet, with little following. It recommends the use of certi ed “Nature et Progrès” ingredients or, failing this, “Demeter” or

“AB” (Organically Farmed) certi ed ingredients. It is particularly stringent with regard to the use of synthetic products and preservatives, allowing little room for manoeuvre when it comes to complex formulas for speci c products. The few preservatives it does allow are contrary to those authorised by BDIH, which by this very fact excludes the possibility of obtaining dual certi cation for example. A point that should not be overlooked is that this is the only label which encourages preferential purchase from local producers. That said, it is still somewhat ill-de ned for the cosmetics industry and its wide range of products, but it has a remarkable mindset with respect to both ethics and responsible practices. 


- Soil is an English label, only known in the United Kingdom. Their logo can be applied to other types of product such as textiles or even restaurants. This label’s guidelines are not overly strict, but are oriented towards all things natural.


- Natrue is a new label which o ers three levels of quality (1, 2 or 3 stars). This label was created by 3 large German brands to compete with COSMEBIO, and it has an impressive charter but one which unfortunately allows too much leeway to the problems encountered by companies. This principle regrettably somewhat a ects its credibility, due to a lack of independence in relation to its founders...