Private labels.

Since their creation, Laboratoires Kart are commissioned to meet specific requests of formulating, manufacturing or packaging.

Our team can consider any kind of request and conduct their experiments for their achievement. We also have quantity of solutions that meet the current expectations or not requiring few case studies lengthy and costly. Our clear direction in terms of organic cosmetics also allows us to enjoy our interlocutors of the fruits of our research and developments in this field is exciting and timely.

Process Quality

Essential and urgent in the last phase of a command, a set of tests - quality, analysis, stability - is done at each stage of development and manufacturing. This helps to validate and satisfy the most accurate in terms of quality and efficiency.

In addition to the galenic chapter, we provide analysis services and advice in all matters relating to the technical range of packaging design approach and product marketing.

Our company on a human scale has led us to equip us to produce any very small series. Our service is complete and can respond to even very modest goals in terms of quantity, the order of hundred pieces packaged for example.

Each project goes through three fundamental phases, namely :


1- Laboratory stage

A - elaborating the formulas

B - selection and tests

C - design and tests


2- Pilote phase

A - production

B - sampling

C - tests


3- Customer private label industrial manufacturing

-> delivery in bulk or packaged