For nearly 30 years, Laboratoires KART has been researching, formulating and producing consistently high-quality, thoroughly tested product ranges, containing naturally preserved ingredients. 
Our goal : perfecting the balance between genuine results, technical constraintsand ethical beliefs without compromise. Complete product satisfaction, genuinepleasure in product use and a guarantee of safety with regard to its ingredients and origin are assured.

Our leitmotiv : Be inspired by the best nature has to offer.

Our desire is to offer supremely high-quality organic cosmetics, naturally and unswayed by fashion. This is along-term undertaking which has earned us the extremely rare dual Certification: BIO and BDIH. Today, the most well-known and the most stringent labels are COSMEBIO and BDIH. They have different but complementary charters. We therefore made the decision to be approved by both these bodies. We will then be able to offer products where the ORGANIC origins have dual certification. FurthermoRe, our manufacturing processes, packing, suppliers and our direct AND indirect environmentS are regulary inspected to ensure greater quality and safety. Our efforts are unceasing and we will work hard to perfect our activity as a whole...

Respecting the environment as a whole :

As a measure of our responsibility and for the purposes of recognition, we considered it essential to become a member of COSMEBIO (French professional association of ecological and organic cosmetics www.cosmebio.org ). Consequently, since 2005, we have been sharing our experiences with those of our fellow members involved in the same area of activity. Our reputation among connoisseurs has been forged by the quality of our products. We are grateful for their support. Today, the public is increasingly interested in natural and eco-friendly cosmetics, and the contribution we offer is both clear and transparent to all: recent converts, those whose curiosity is just being awakened, and enlightened enthusiasts alike.

Dr. ITAOUI Oussama
Chief Executive Officer

A guarantee of Swiss manufacturing.

Swiss cosmetics have become valued products and they are recognised around the world. As is the case in other industries, the “Made in Switzerland” designation given to these products denotes an image of high quality and rightly reassures the user. As with any symbol of high value, it can be open to imitation. This problem prompted the major Swiss manufacturers to create their own association to protect the true origin of their products and to provide a guarantee of this origin to their customers.

The ASSOCIATION FOR THE PROTECTION OF THE ORIGIN OF SWISS COMESTICS is the label which guarantees that the products bearing it are made in Switzerland. (import or export cannot be incorporated into manufacture).


An interactive website

The aim of this website is primarily to set out our approach and display our product ranges. We wanted the interface to be clear, pleasant and user friendly. In addition, we are regularly contacted by users who are unable to find our products in their local area. We decided it would be useful to provide customers with the opportunity to buy our products directly from the website.

• Please note that you can order our products from any pharmacy, healthcare or natural product shop in Switzerland.

• In order to reduce the prohibitive packing and transport costs associated with small items, we would encourage you to order your products directly from the retailer closest to you in Switzerland. Simply contact us by phone or by email and we will provide you as quickly as possible with details of the retailers nearest to your home or workplace.

• We recommend that you order 3 to 5 products at a time. You might like to make up your order by including items for family members, friends or neighbours. The aim is to reduce carriage costs and to limit the direct and indirect impact of transport on the environment.

Our website aims to become a focal point for information about and understanding of developments related to certification procedures and organic labels associated with our profession. This dynamic and interactive tool provides a ready means for us to communicate with you, and vice versa, to our mutual advantage, but its greatest benefits will only be realised with your input. So, do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information and please be assured that we welcome your comments and suggestions.